About MSNedu.org

MSNedu.org was created to support RNs as they pursue career progression through advanced education. By extension, we hope to serve the broader community of nursing education providers, health policy advocates, employers and other stakeholders in the US healthcare system by providing a resource that helps streamline the decision making process for prospective nurse graduate students.

Who We Are 

We are a completely independent group of education web publishers without any outside affiliations. Since we don’t depend on outside funding of any kind, we had the freedom to develop the kind of objective resource nurses need when considering their graduate degree options.

To make it happen, we went right to the source and spoke with advanced practice RNs, nurse leaders and nurse educators. Gathering information and unique insights through interviews, open forum discussions and research, we were able to focus on providing substantive information and an insider’s perspective on career progression and advanced education in the field of nursing.The MSN-prepared nurses and nurse graduate students that offered their time and guidance where invaluable to this project.

Our staff of researchers and writers also brought years of experience writing on topics related to education, healthcare and nursing to this project.

Our Mission

MSNedu.org was developed to serve as a dedicated resource for RNs exploring graduate program options in preparation for careers as advanced clinicians and clinical leaders, as well those interested in roles outside of direct patient care, in areas like administration, informatics, health policy, public health and education.

MSNedu.org is here to help make deciding on a specialty track and selecting an appropriate MSN program easier than ever before. Our goal is to make career advancement more attainable by providing the information RNs need to make well-informed decisions.

We worked to develop this resource as a way to support those nurses who are committed to cementing their role in the future of healthcare by developing the kind of advanced skills and knowledge that can only come from earning a master’s degree.

MSNedu.org provides:

  • Database of CCNE, COA and ACME – accredited MSN programs in nurse-midwifery, nurse-anesthesia, nurse-practitioner, and clinical nurse specialist
  • Database of CCNE-accredited MSN programs in nurse education, leadership, administration, informatics, and more
  • Explanation of MSN program entry-points for ADN/Diploma and BSN- prepared RNs, and career changers with bachelor’s degrees in non-nursing majors
  • State salary guides with data from the latest salary surveys offering a look at how earnings compare across the nation for APRNs and master’s-prepared nurses outside of direct patient care
  • State-by-state guides that detail state BON certification and licensing requirements for APRNs
  • State-by-state guides on laws concerning scope of practice, independent practice and prescriptive authority for APRNs
  • Career guides that detail MSN program options, certification requirements, and competencies unique to each APRN, roll as well as rolls outside of direct patient care
  • Frequently updated blog that presents insights on topics and legal developments relevant to advanced clinicians and other master’s-prepared nurses


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