Salaries for Hawaii’s MSN-Educated Nurses

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Nursing students and professionals alike are taking advantage of the MSN and RN to MSN degree programs available in Hawaii to qualify for more high profile, high salary nursing positions. Many nursing students that complete MSN degree program in the state go on to become pediatric nurse practitioners, community clinical nurse specialists, family nurse practitioners, and adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialists.

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In recent years, the United States has called attention to Hawaii’s growing reputation for offering generous salaries to MSN-educated nurses. For example:

  • In May 2014, the United States Department of Labor reported that Hawaii was the highest paying state for nurse practitioners in the country. Nurse practitioners working here earned an average annual salary of $115,870, which is significantly higher than the national salary average for this occupation at $97,990.
  • In that same year, Honolulu was hailed as the fifth highest paying metropolitan area for nurse practitioners nationwide. Honolulu employers offered nurse practitioners an average annual salary of $126,550, trumping the state salary average for this occupation by over $10,000.

Employment Trends for MSN-Educated Nurses in Hawaii

According to the United States Department of Labor, the number of postsecondary nursing instructors and teachers working practicing in Hawaii will jump from 160 in 2012 to 220 by 2022. This 34% employment growth trend is expected to create roughly 10 annual jobs opening during this ten-year timeframe.

The demand for nurse practitioners is likewise anticipated to rise. The number of nurse practitioners employed in Hawaii is predicted to climb from 250 in 2012 to 310 by 2022. This 24% occupational growth projection is expected to produce nearly 10 annual job openings for these MSN nurses.

Experienced MSN-Educated Nurses Attract High Salaries in Hawaii

Nurses may use MSN degrees to qualify for more high profile nursing jobs, but they rely of experience to attract greater salaries. In Hawaii, the most experienced MSN nurses typically earn at least twice the salary amount of those just starting out. In 2014, Hawaii’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations published salary averages for the following MSN nursing professions based on experience level:

Postsecondary Nursing Instructors and Teachers

  • Entry-Level: $35,160
  • Mid-Career: $75,520
  • Experienced: $89,380

Nurse Practitioners

  • Entry-Level: $78,380
  • Mid-Career: $114,470
  • Experienced: $134,620

An Analysis of Salaries for Nurse Practitioners Throughout Hawaii

In general, nurse practitioners can expect salary offers to differentiate across geographical regions in Hawaii. The following data table showcases a comprehensive breakdown of nurse practitioner pay statistics for both the city of Honolulu and the Hawaii/Maui/Kauai nonmetropolitan area in 2014:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Honolulu HI
Hawaii / Maui / Kauai nonmetropolitan area

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