Salaries for Vermont’s MSN-Educated Nurses

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Obtaining an MSN can add up to $40,000 to a nurse’s annual salary in Vermont. One way to measure the magnitude of this increase is to compare the median salary of nurse practitioners with the median salary of RNs.

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Nearly 86% of NPs across the country have a master’s degree according to the Advance Healthcare Network, while RNs rarely have an MSN. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provided the median salary for these two professions as of 2014:

Vermont Area
RN Salary
Northern Vermont nonmetropolitan area
Southern Vermont nonmetropolitan area
Burlington-South Burlington

Salaries for Vermont’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

The Vermont Department of Labor provided detailed salary information for advanced practice registered nurses who worked in Vermont in 2014:

Nurse Anesthetists

  • 90th Percentile – $185,700
  • Average – $150,710
  • 10th Percentile – $127,360

Nurse Midwives

  • 90th Percentile – $116,520
  • Average – $93,390
  • 10th Percentile – $77,760

Nurse Practitioners

  • 90th Percentile – $117,280
  • Average – $91,030
  • 10th Percentile – $68,250

APRNs See Strong Job Growth in Vermont

Vermont’s MSN-educated advanced practice registered nurses made the list of fastest growing professions that required a professional degree. Nurse practitioners are the 8th fastest growing profession in this category, while nurse midwives are number 13. Nurse anesthetists ranked at number 21.

More than 700 advanced practice registered nurses were licensed to practice in Vermont in 2014 according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Three quarters of these APRNs were nurse practitioners, while the remaining 25% included certified nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists.

Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Burlington and Vermont’s Rural Areas

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a detailed analysis of the salaries of nurse practitioners in several areas of Vermont as of 2014. While the salaries were similar in these three areas, nurse practitioners in the nonmetropolitan area of Northern Vermont earned a higher average salary than NPs in the rest of Vermont:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Burlington-South Burlington VT
Southern Vermont nonmetropolitan area
Northern Vermont nonmetropolitan area

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